Online Counseling

Following her recent move away from the Austin area, Dr. Putnam is offering web-based video counseling for previous individual and marriage clients ONLY.  At this time, Dr. Putnam will not be accepting new clients for web-based counseling.  The program that will be used for web-based counseling is called Vsee.   Vsee is compliant with the Health Information Portability and Accoutability Act (HIPAA), which protects patients’ privacy.

Previous clients desiring to meet with Dr. Putnam utilizing the Vsee format should follow the steps below:

1.  Download the SLCC Online Counseling Information Form.  Read this form and determine if you have any questions or concerns.  When you are ready, sign this form.

2.   Contact Dr. Putnam via email at to express desire for an online session.  Dr. Putnam will contact you to discuss your goals for online counseling and to answer any questions that you have about the Online Counseling Information Form.  Once we agree that web-based counseling would be appropriate and beneficial in helping you to reach your goals, email your signed Online Counseling Information Form.

3.  Dr. Putnam will send an invitation to connect to the client’s email address through Vsee.  The client (or couple) should then download the program and accept Dr. Putnam’s connection request.